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  •  LOT A 7 Project Convention
    Engineer Mohammad Gul Khulmi, Acting Minister of Energy and Water singed LOT A 7 convention medium voltage repartition power project of Mazare Sharif.
  •  Statement By Eng. Ali Ahmad Osmani
    Statement By Eng. Ali Ahmad Osmani Minister of Energy and Water Islamic Republic of Afghanistan At MINISTERIAL DIALOGUE: ENERGY SECURITY, REGIONAL TRADE & INFRASTRUCTURE
  •  CASA - 1000 Meeting held in Dubai
    The First Day of CASA-1000 Meeting on Procurement was held in Dubai on 20th January 2017. Meetings are scheduled to last on 22 January. Meetings will discuss and make decisions on Afghanistan Transmission Line, Back to Bak station in Pole Khomri,...
  •  MEW has Awarded 17 projects worth 384.28 Million Afghani
    MEW has Awarded 17 sub projects during Nov&Dec 2016 worth 384.28 Million Afghani, Mentioned projects are under categorization of IRDP project. To see all the detail information regarding the awarded projects please download the...