A coordination meeting was held to investigate the situation of the banks of the Amu River and to take necessary measures for its strengthening.

Tue, Jan 24 2023 12:09 PM

The meeting was held under the leadership of Mr. Mujib ur Rahman Umar Akhundzada, Deputy Minister of Water, Of the Ministry of Water and Energy, in the meeting hall of the deputy ministry, with the participation of the Directors, advisors and technical engineers of the Ministry.

In this meeting, Mr. Deputy minister of Water talked about his trip some time ago with the delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, the Ministry of Combating Natural Disasters, the Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs, the Ministry of Mines  And the representatives of the Ministry of Petroleum and the general head of statistics and information, who went to investigate the damaged areas of the Amu River, presented information and shared the results of their research with the participants of the meeting.

In the continuation of the meeting, there was a discussion and exchange of ideas about the work of the damaged areas of the Amu River and the start of reconstruction works, And Mr. Mujibur Rahman Umar Akhundzada made the necessary recommendations for speeding up the preparation of the work plan for the start of the Amu River reconstruction works.

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