The weekly technical meeting of the Deputy ministry of water was held to investigate some important topics of the mentioned ministry.

Thu, Jan 26 2023 12:23 PM

The meeting was held under the leadership of Mr. Mujib ur Rahman Umar Akhundzada, Deputy Minister of Water Of the Ministry of Water and Energy, in the meeting hall of the mentioned Ministry, with the participation of Directors, advisers and technical officials.

In this meeting, various topics were discussed, especially solving the geotechnical problems of Shaflogh and Platoni dams, sharing information about the water transfer project from Panjshir to Kabul, and a program to increase the capacity of the basin employees.  There was a discussion and exchange of ideas about the launch plan and setting up of technical equipment for the Basins and necessary decisions were taken.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Deputy minister, after a thorough investigation of the topics, gave the necessary instructions and also assigned specific tasks to the relevant officials, so that the mentioned topics can be done well.

 It will be performed.

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