A second meeting was held to formulate the national energy policy

Wed, Mar 15 2023 1:45 PM

 The meeting was chaired by Dr. Fathullah Umar Khalid, the head of the policies of the Ministry of Energy and Water in the meeting hall of the deputy ministry of Energy of the ministry of energy and water, with the participation of the representatives of the Ministries of Mines and Petroleum, Industry and Commerce, Rural Development and Housing and Urban Development.

 In this meeting, in order to make an accurate plan for the country's self-sufficiency in the field of energy, to use natural resources to provide domestic electricity, to generate domestic income from gas and oil from natural resources of the country, A discussion and exchange of views were held on the transfer of energy to remote areas of the country, the development of renewable energy to reduce the import of electricity, and other related energy issues.

 It is worth noting that the national energy policy is being prepared under the leadership of the Ministry of Energy and Water in coordination with sectoral ministries and Departments, which will be implemented in the future with the coordination of national and international private sectors.

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